We live in a global world. We do not blink at the thought that a message sent digitally will pop up on a screen anywhere in the world in a few nanoseconds. We are connected as never before.

Just because we are able to communicate with anyone else, however, does not mean that we know how to do so. It does not mean that we appreciate or respect their difference from us, as well as their similarity. Learning to understand others, to value cultural and linguistic difference, and to find ways to communicate, work and live together, is critical.

This is what global competence means… and in light of the global issues which face us all, and which require global solutions, the development of global competence is an absolute imperative for young people, schools, families and wider communities. 

Global competence widens opportunities for young people and can provide the answer to inequalities that persist.

Global competence needs to sit at the heart of each and every school.

This website is intended to be a resource for educators and others who are seeking direction in how to develop global competence in young people. Built around Dr Helen Wright’s latest book – The Globally Competent School: a manual – it is intended to provide resources to support educators, policymakers and parents as they seek to develop global competence in young people. It is also intended to be a place where schools and individuals can share great practice.

If you have a case study, some reflections on what works, or if you would like to contribute a guest blog